Football 22 Οκτ 2016 - 20:00 | Νέα Σαλαμίνα vs OMONOIA
 Football 29 Οκτ 2016 - 18:00 | OMONOIA vs Άρης

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OMONOIA Official Website Membership

Omonoia is now leading the way to expand its membership base and offer outstanding benefits to members. Whether you are a fun that you wish to receive updates and special offers from Omonoia, a junior Green that you wish to have the opportunity to be a ball boy at an official match, or even if you wish to enjoy the outstanding VIP treatment of paid membership, there is always a membership that can fit your expectations.

Membership offers and benefits are continuous and new offers come up on a regular basis. Click on the right for details and general information on each membership type:


Green Membership is free of charge and gives the opportunity to have access to online services. Several sections of our website require membership. Green Members will continuously enjoy new surprises, such as:
  • access to training sessions by invitation
  • special meetings and events with our coach, president or players
  • free tickets for lucky draw winners for home and European games
  • free draws for signed t-shirts, balls
  • discounts and promotions for our Green Shop!
And this is not all! Every month a new surpise!


This is a paid membership with an annual fee of EURO 250. By signing for membership, you will get the gold membership pack which consists of a signed ball by the players and the uniform of our team. Gold members have a priority on ticket sales and have access to purchase match day tickets at the VIP boxes of GSP stadium. Gold members, have also the opportunity to apply after two years of Gold membership, for Platinum membership and become full voting members.

Gold members have booking priority for all events organised by Omonoia and by invitation, they can attend training sessions, social events and meetings with the coach, president and/or the players. Of course, there is no month that gold members will not receive lottery prizes for tickets and giveaways, or get special discounts and promotions from the green shop.

And when the team is on its way for European matches, Gold members, depending availability, have the chance to travel with their team and players!


This is the official membership of AC Omonoia Club which allows you to be a voting member of Omonoia and participate at the General Meetings of the Club, as well as vote during meetings and have the right to elect the Board of Directors, or even be elected at the Board of Directors. Currently, Platinum membership is by invitation, or by application at the completion of 2 years as a Gold Member.


This is a special free membership for our young supporters on whom we see the future Omonoia fans growing. Junior Greens are up to 15 year old and have the opportunity
  • welcome autograph from your favourite player
  • to participate in organised visits of Omonoia first team training,
  • watch seminars with our coach or special guests
  • enjoy special sessions with players on the playing field
  • participate in special social events organised by Omonoia
  • get a free Omonoia mascot
  • be the lucky ball boys drawn for the next official match of Omonoia.
We want to see our Junior Greens, develop into our future fans who love their team, away from violence and with love for the great game of football.
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1. ΑΠΟΕΛ 19
2. ΑΕΚ 18
3. ΑΕΛ 17
5. Ερμής 12
6. Απόλλωνας 10
7. Καρμιώτισσα 8
8. Ανόρθωση 7
9. ΑΕΖ 6
10. Νέα Σαλαμίνα 5
11. Εθνικός Άχνας 5
12. Δόξα 5
13. Άρης 4
14. Αναγέννηση 1
Renato Joao Inacio Margaca
2 0
Fanos Katelaris
2 0
Matt Derbyshire
2 0
Bruno Nascimento
2 0
Carlitos Soares Tavares
1 0
Marios Demetriou
1 0
Marin Orsulic
1 0
Thanasis Panteliades
1 0
Ibrahim Blati Toure
1 0
Demetris Constantinides
1 0
Lukas Vyntra
1 0
Cilian Sheridan 5
Matt Derbyshire 5
Amir Agayev 2
Renato Joao Inacio Margaca 1
Fanos Katelaris 1
Silva Cleyton 1
Cilian Sheridan 3
Renato Joao Inacio Margaca 2
Demetris Christofi 1
Amir Agayev 1
Silva Cleyton 1
Thanasis Panteliades 1
Matt Derbyshire 1
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